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    Application Management

    All NC State applicants use this login page to access their application status page.
    Please contact with general application questions. 

    Students who wish to apply to the Agricultural Institute, C3 ProgramPark Scholarships or as an Undergraduate Transfer also use this login page to create and submit their application. 

    Applied to NC State through Common App? You will be emailed your wolfPAW login credentials by Undergraduate Admissions.

    First year student applying for the Park Scholarships

    • If you do have a wolfPAW account:
      • Under "Returning Users", click on “Login” and use the same email for the Park Scholarships application that you used for your NC State application. 

    • If you do not have a wolfPAW account, or have not started an application to NC State:

      • Under "First Time users" click on "Create an Account". Use the same email for the Park Scholarships application that you used for, or intend to use for, your NC State application. The system will automatically tie the two applications together.

    • You can work on your Park Scholarships application at the same time as your NC State application. Both applications are due November 1 to be considered for the Park Scholarship.
    • Questions about the Park Scholarships? Contact

    Returning users:

    Log in to continue an application.

    First-time users:

    Create an account to start a new application.