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    If you have never had a wolfPAW account, you will need to create an account below. If you have ever had a wolfPAW account (even if you forgot the password), use the Existing Users Login link. 

    Do NOT use this application if you are applying for one of the following:

    • The Graduate School: Students who plan to pursue a Masters or PhD should apply through the Graduate School

    • Readmission to NC State: Any student who has ever been admitted to an NC State degree program but is not currently enrolled should apply through Readmission.

    Use this application if you are applying to one of the following programs:

    • Agricultural Institute: The Agricultural Institute (AGI) is a two-year associate of applied science degree program for students in agriculture fields. 

    • Undergraduate Transfer: Students who are enrolled at another college or university and wish to transfer to NC State. Students applying to C3 should NOT use this application.

    • Community College Collaboration (C3): If you’re a North Carolina resident attending a partner community college and want to transfer to a four-year degree program at NC State, you may apply to the C3 program through this system. C3 students may also apply as first year undergraduate students or transfer students, but if admitted to both may only enroll in one program.